Donald Trump 2018 Budget Is Tarnished In Three Days


President Donald Trump released the official 2018 budget only three days ago. Today, March 28th, the entire budget has been scrapped. Last Tuesday the Trump 2018 budget for the United States was unveiled and this memorial day weekend the full budget has disappeared.

One day after Donald Trump revealed the budget, it was clear that people were opposed to it. The Republican Party were extremely unenthusiastic with the budget. With the Democratic party being less excited than the Republicans, if that is possible.

After that, the only stories being released about the budget was that the Budget Manager and Office of Management Mick Mulvaney, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had different ideas about how tax reforms should be paid. Both individuals from Donald Trump’s cabinet have primary fiscal responsibilities within the U.S government.

The 2018 U.S.A Budget

Three days later the White House had nothing to say about the budget and ignored mass criticism that it was receiving. They released no more news relating to the budget.

On Saturday, Donald Trump released an official statement relating to the budget, where he spoke for 2 minutes and 41 seconds in a video. Within the video, we got to hear Trump repeating statements from his campaign last year. Along with this, he also spoke about the announcements made earlier that week.

Now onto Sunday, despite the budget being one of the most pivotal factors for U.S politics for the whole year, not many politicians from Trump’s cabinet spoke about it.

Political critics blame the budgets lack of success on “poor rollout” and not enough information surrounding the budget being available to the public.

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