Destiny 2 Beta Releasing July 28th 2017 For PS4 and Xbox One

The beta for Destiny 2 is soon arriving for PS4 and more


Destiny 2 Beta will be releasing this month, July 18th. If you are an avid Destiny fan and cannot wait until September 2nd for the official release then you are in luck. The creators of Destiny, Bungie (who used to develop Halo) and Activision are releasing the official beta which you can play on PS4 and other consoles.

If you have pre-ordered Destiny 2 then you are applicable to play the game early as a beta. For Ps4 users, July 18th is when you can play the beta. For other consoles you will have to wait until July 21st. The beta event takes place until July 21st.

Within the pre-release iteration of the game, you can play multiplayer cooperative online games. The first mission of the game is also bundled with the beta.

For PC gamers you will have to wait slightly longer, until August for you to play with the mouse and keyboard.

Watch the Destiny 2 beta video above and check out the Modern Warfare remastered edition for PS4.