Why Cristiano Ronaldo Wants To Leave Real Madrid

Multiple reputable football sources have just announced that Cristiano Ronaldo no longer wants to play for Spanish team Real Madrid. Despite Real Madrid winning countless champions league trophies, La Liga trophies CR7 still wants to leave? The Ballon d’or winner has made history at FC Real Madrid, leaving fans extremely curious to why he wants to depart. So why does he want to leave? In short, Ronaldo does not just want to leave Madrid specifically, he wants to leave Spain!

The Portuguese international has told reporters that the Spanish Tax system has treaded him unfairly, ultimately causing his decision to leave Real Madrid. The ex-Manchester player will be releasing more information about his decide to leave soon, confirming the move.

A Spanish prosecutor has accused Cristiano Ronaldo of avoiding £14.7 million in tax, he denies these accusations.

Arguably the biggest name in football CR7 is facing allegations from regional state prosecutors. Cristiano is facing four accounts of tax avoidance, relating to image right payments.

Why Does Cristiano Ronaldo Want To Leave Real Madrid?

The Madrid state prosecutor says that he hid money in offshore accounts to hide percentages of his income from the tax office.

Gestifute, the company who manages Cristiano Ronaldo explained that the company named Tollin (a company started whilst Ronaldo was at Manchester) acted accordingly with tax laws. The company was founded in 2009.

Cristiano Madrid Leaving
Cristiano Madrid Leaving

Ronaldo is internationally renowned thanks to his unprecedented football talent. Since his career started, Cristiano has won four Ballon d’or trophies. The 32 year old player recently signed to Real Madrid for another 5 years, meaning that he cannot leave until 2021.. or at lease in theory. The iconic athlete has been speculated to make a return with Manchester United.

This Monday, China’s transfer window will open, we expect many clubs to be looking to sign Ronaldo with record transfer fees being set. Whilst remaining calm with the situation, Ronaldo expressed his concerns with Spanish fans who have recently been booing him.

Ronaldo told reporters this when questioned about his time in England.

“Maybe England is a case apart, the mentality is different. I’m very happy being in Spain but obviously I also miss England because you can’t just turn off the memories.”

Ronaldo has scored 285 goals in 241 league appearances since leaving Manchester for the Spanish capital in 2009.

He secured a new five-year contract with the La Liga title holders in November 2016 and said on June 1: “I said when I signed my latest contract that it would be my penultimate and that I would play on until I was 41.”