Best CouchTuner Alternatives To Watch Free TV Online

We take a look at the best websites to watch free movies on!

Not all movies online cost to watch and not all free movies are illegal. Many websites claim to offer free streaming but then lead to pop-up vires and a whole host of other issues. In this article, we will be taking a look at the best sites and apps like CouchTuner to watch TV and movies on.

Despite being free hd movies, do not expect the latest box office movies. The majority of the films listed on these sites are older movies and often independent flicks. Although, if you are looking for something to pass the time then look no further.

There are free DVD rental services, like Redbox (free codes available) and also occasional free cinema screenings – region specific.

1 Hulu


Hulu may be your best bet when looking for movies online and their huge variation of entertainment is perfect for any night in. Their online platform makes it incredibly easy to find the right movie for you and the best part is.. it’s free!

Their movies are organised within categories and have an enticing amount of classic films. Meaning that you can find pretty much any genre of film.

2 Crackle


Crackle is listed as our second favourite option when trying to watch free movies online. This is because they only offer 14 genre of movies, which doesn’t cover some popular genres such as anime. Crackle, like Netflix, published some original content (Crackle Originals). You also have the option of searching movies by name (like CouchTuner). They support most devices, but more importantly their desktop site is very easy to use. Our favourite Crackle movies are Men In Black and Wild Things. 

To start using Crackle, just register and account and get to watching!

3 IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

The Internet Movie Database, also known as IMDb has a decent amount of free movies, some full length and some trailers. It is a popular destination to watch movies online free because they boast newer movies than the other sites.

Although, finding movies on their site isn’t all that easy. To find movies on their site, go to the Channels page then click on the right side of the page. The entire list of movies will then be presented to you. There are not as many movies as the other sites listed, but nonetheless free and good ‘time-passers’. Watching movies on IMDb is convenient because if you want to research an actor in the movie you are watching, then just type then in the search bar above.

4 CrunchyRoll


Anime fans will have heard of CrunchyRoll on many occasions. Because unlike the other sites listed, CrunchyRoll is mainly for anime movies and other Japanese films. If you are not interested in anime then do not place your bets on CrunchyRoll.. unless you want to try something new of course. Their free viewing option has many movies and episodes listed. Although, for $7 you can go premium and have access to 950 anime titles in HD quality. Although, the interface is quite confusing and they do not recommend or suggest any more titles to watch. CrunchyRoll may not be the best way to Watch Movies Online Free due to their lack of western titles.

5 YouTube


A quick search on YouTube will uncover many free movies, such as “Wreck It Ralph” and “Holes”. Most people us YouTube to find clips and shorter videos, but with advanced search longer films can be selected. Although, some movies will be taken down without warning to copyright infringement. A bonus for YouTube viewers is that many film genres are available. Action, comedy, documentaries and horror movies are all available. Unfortunately, you cannot narrow down the searches to be genre specific. YouTube also offer a huge amount of tv episodes in their collection too. YouTube is arguably the easiest way to watch tv and movies, similar to CouchTuner.

YouTube also offers paid movies, where you can pay for huge blockbusters such as Logan, It, Looper and Baby Driver.

6 Vimeo


Vimeo has a community of movie-uploaders, who upload films quite constantly. Although their collection of movies isn’t as vast as Hulu and the others, Vimeo boasts HD and 4K movies. Most of the movies on Vimeo are indie and often quite old. A plus for Vimeo is that there are no disruptive advertisements.

Vimeo differs from YouTube because there are no ads at all on the videos you watch.

You can assort the films on Vimeo by being either long or short. So genre assortment is not possible unfortunately.

7 PopcornFlix


Popcornflix is a great option when to watch movies online free, with over 1,500 movies available. Many genres such as action, comedy, drama and romance are available. With no account required, you can begin watching films straight away. No hassle, just entertainment. A con to popcornflix is the low video quality, although this does not mean that the videos are unwatchable. There are also some adverts showing before the videos, but they are fairly short.

When we tried out their app, there was no buffering and their player was easy to use.

Our favourite movie on popcornflix is The Warriors.

8 Viewster


Viewster has a respectable assortment of free movies, their tv-show collection is also quite vast.

The majority of their movies are smaller titles and you may have to watch an ad during the film if you want to watch for free.

Our favourite part of Viewster was their user-friendly video player and wide selection of movies. The Viewster Facebook Page has a list of their latest movies too.

9 Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online
Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online only has a few titles available at one time. For the casual viewer, these movies may not be for you. But if you enjoy the work of John Wayne and Rock Hudson then watch ahead.

What’s Wrong With CouchTuner?

CouchTuner, along with many online streaming sites do not have the proper licensing to show TV shows and Films. Internet service providers are cracking down on people using the sites. So to avoid any issues with your ISP you should try to avoid illegal movie/TV pirating sites.

After reading this list and having a look at each of the sites it is clear that they serve a purpose. Although, when you are looking for something more recent then take a look at some paid sites. Netflix has been the industry standard for recent years and their pricing starts at £7.99GBP monthly for HD streaming. If you are not in need of HD, then they also have a £5.99GBP monthly plan.

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