Find Cheap Car Insurance And Save Money Today

For people under 18 who have just passed your test you are probably asking yourself “how do I find cheap car insurance near me“? This guide will explain how you can save hundreds on your car insurance and what you should be looking out for. If you are not under 18, keep reading because everyone can save more money on your auto insurance.

Engine Size

The bigger the engine in a car, the more power you are dealing with. This makes crashes more damaging and you are at a greater “risk” with a larger engine. This means that your insurance costs will increase.

Bigger engines are also less economic with fuel, costing you more on fuel. Unless you are looking for a higher performance car, a large engine may not be ideal for you.

People who drive long distances every day also have the factor of depreciation to consider, because the more miles you put on the clock, the less the car is worth.

When asking the question “how do I find cheap car insurance near me” look at the cars engine size first.

Third Party Car Insurance

Just because you have third party cover on your car doesn’t mean its the cheapest. Despite third party being the lowest amount of coverage you can get, sometimes having your car more insured could be cheaper. Always remember car insurance is not always logical.

Some insurance companies see that you have selected comprehensive insurance and assume you are at low risk of getting your car damaged. This fact can mean that you pay less for your insurance.

When looking at insurance prices, you should try out every option, because it’s not an exact science with how much you will be paying.

Other Name Drivers

If you have a responsible driver on your insurance plan it may bring your costs down. We have seen savings of thousands by adding another named driver.

By adding a driver who is responsible and has a good history of driving, your “average risk” goes down, this in turn cheapens your insurance. The better history the other name drivers have, the less your car insurance will cost. So when thinking cheap car insurance near me, look for other drivers who can be on your plan with you.

Remember, the price of your insurance is all down to “risk” and how likely you are or someone else is to crash your car. Do not add someone as your “main driver” if they are not, because it’s a crime punishable with huge fines!

Just by adding your parents to your insurance it can save you over £3000/$4000 for your drivers.

Paying Monthly For Car Insurance

By paying for your car insurance monthly, you are probably spending 25% more than you should be. If possible, pay your insurance for the year or use a credit card with low APR rate.

If you decide to pay with credit card, check that the insurer does not charge extra fees for doing so.

The cheapest car insurance companies may not be the same for everyone. Each insurer will give you a price which best suits your driving requirements. So whilst company “X” may be cheapest for your car, company “Y” may be cheaper for everyone else.

For UK Readers

Admiral 17.8% Hastings Direct 39.9%
Aviva 21.9% John Lewis 23.5%
Churchill 25.1% M&S 9.9%

Renewing Your Current Plan

Loyalty comes at a price with insurers. This means that by automatically renewing your insurance plan with your current insurer, you could be losing out on the best deal. Insurers charge more each and every year. Insurers know that people don’t have time to check the best deal and they capitalise on this fact.

If your insurance is set to renew soon, take time to investigate the best deal for you.. because it could save you thousands across the year. It may be a good decision to call your insurer and see if they can offer a better deal over the phone.

Modifying Your Car

Believe it or not, adding a spoiler and gold rims to your car will increase your online car insurance cost.. especially for young people. If you are adding new things to your car which do not increase it security, your insurer will increase your fees.

Although, if you have a classic car then you can add anything to your car and your insurer will not charge you extra. Insurers are okay with you adding spoilers and other things to your classic car as it part of owning one.

You can save money by adding security features to your car, by fitting an alarm you can save money off your insurance quote. If you equip your car with a ‘Thatcham’ immobiliser, expect insurance price to drop significantly.

Senior Auto Insurance

As you get older, your insurance premiums will start to rise. Although you will be paying less than young, inexperienced, drivers you will still be paying a fair expense.

If you don’t modify your car, keep it in a locked garage and have a good history of driving then your insurance should not increase drastically.

Lastly, when looking into “cheap car insurance near me” the location that your house is will determine a huge part of the quote.

Bad credit score could be costing you more on your insurance, find out how to lower it.