The Biggest Public Companies In The World – List


In the last year there has been unforeseen changes in the market with the largest companies still prospering. Despite major political uncertainty from the start of the year, we see the world’s biggest public companies still come out on top.. But do you ever ask yourself, what company is the biggest? A recent list by the Global 2000 has just been released, detailing the top companies.

For 2017, the Global 2000 has increased slightly from 2016 – this is due to more profits, sales and growing markets. In general the list is much bigger than lasts year, with the amount of money the companies have been generating being substantially larger.

Researchers have said that the list is comprised of mainly American and Chinese companies, although the GDP has fell in terms of figures. The list is topped off by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). Fourth position has gone to JPMorgan Chase. The top three companies are usually Chinese, however Warren Buffet has managed to secure Berkshire Hathaway a third place position. This shows that despite the political setting for 2017 being hectic, US stocks haven’t been completely disrupted.

The Global 2000 list is compiled together with revenue, assets, profits and market value taken into consideration. Together, this years list is accountable for around $35.3 trillion in revenue, $2.5 trillion in profit and $169.1 trillion worth of assets. Their combined market value is at $48.8 trillion. The four factors are all up from last year.

The global IPO market is down from last year, although this has not stopped #55 (Postal Savings Bank of China). They are the biggest newcomer of the year.

Jeff Bezos - The Founder Of Amazon
Jeff Bezos – The Founder Of Amazon

U.S.A accounts for the majority of the list, around 1 in 4 of the biggest companies are American. China is not far behind, with Hong Kong they account for 263 of the world’s biggest public companies. In total, 58 countries were included in the list. 62 countries were included last year, with Malta, Kazakhstan, Romania and Cyprus being dropped.

Energy companies were down from last year with Exxon Mobile dropping four spots to 13th place. PetroChina plummeted down the list. with Chevron falling the furthest from #28 to #359.

Charter communications soared up the list 667 places after buying Time Warner. General Electrics climbed also with Amazon breaking the top 100 for the first time. Alibaba also increased in rank to #140.

Some companies have performed poorly the last few months so did not make the list. Others have been bought under a different name, but still in the top 2000. Notable drop-off’s include Chipotle, which has fell off the top 2000 after their food poisoned customers.

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