Best Stocks To Invest In Right Now For Short-Term Gains

We take a look at the editors best stocks to invest in right now.

With stocks like Facebook and Twitter at low points there are questions about which are the best stocks to invest in right now.. there are a few stocks that are currently more attractive than others.

What Stocks To Buy

when wondering “what stocks should I buy?” or “what are the best stocks to invest in?” there is never one set answer. What suits your style of investment might not fit someone else portfolio. Although, in terms of steady profits and potential growth, these stocks look promising.

Carnival – CCL

Carnival Corp Cruises owns Aide cruises, Cunard, Costa, Ibero Cruises and Princess Cruises. Carnival has surpassed Wall Street estimates. Now would be a great time to invest in CCL because their stock price is increasing from a drop.

CCL is one of our favorite cheap stocks to invest in.

British American Tobacco -BATS

The last year has seen the company face a though time financially and investors pressured the company to sell due to lack of growth potential because of e-Cigs becoming more popular.

Although, management at British American Tobacco are not concerned and are confident that they will drive market profits. British American has produced results for investors for many years, so this low share price should be taken advance of.

Boohoo Group – BOO

The freshly named Boohoo Group is set to hit targets for late September which is positive for shareholders.

Boohoo’s valuation is very high, which brings pressure to perform. Although the hot summer should drive sales and give profits a push. Product sales are expected to be amazing for this time of the year.

This is a long-term investment and is great to diversify a portfolio with, one of the best stocks to invest in right now due to its low price.

Best Short-Term Trading Stocks

SolarEdge Technologies

SolarEdge Technologies is the manufacturer of solar panel components, one part they make in particular is the most important part of a solar panel. This part converts direct current from the light into an alternating current.

This component is so important because they optimize the power produced by the solar panels. SolarEdge also allow you to check your solar panel performance in real time using their app. Overall, they have a great product and provide a great solar panel installation tools.

SolarEdge have been seeing an increase in product sales due to their superiority in the solar panel market. Their second-quarter revenue increased by 67%, net income increased by 54%. Since 2012 the solar panel market in homes has shot up from 2%  to 44.9% in 2018 first quarter. This increase in net income and profits is perfect for short-term investors as it will bring fast return on its stock price.

Although, as tariffs increase in the solar industry we may see profits from SolarEdge dip slightly. With this said, SolarEdge is one of the best cheap stocks and is looking positive from an investment standpoint. SolarEdge is one of the best stocks to invest in right now as their price is recovering from a dip.


Morgan Stanley are currently seeing impressive revenue growth from Microsoft, losses get smaller and profits are being improved on. Thanks to Microsoft’s ventures in the cloud-computing industry with Azure, profits are looking healthy. When answering the question of “what stocks to buy”, Microsoft would be high on the list for this month.


Investors speculate that Disney will be a top performer thanks to their new video streaming platform, which is gaining international traction. Disney TV networks, films and theme parks are also growing in profits, which is always a good sign.

Best Penny Stocks To Invest In

Penny stock is common stock that is valued at less than $1 and normally comes with a high risk rating. These are some of the best stocks to invest in right now.. penny stocks that is.

Senseonics Holdings, Inc.

Senseonics Holdings shares reached $4.24 two years ago (2016) and then plummeted to $1.26 in May, 2017. Like a rollercoaster, Senseonics Holdings share price went up again to $3.67 in October 2017.

Fast forward to June 2018 and Senseonics Holdings increased to $5.29, an all-time high. The price has been dropping since then but is lingering between $3.50 and $3.70, this is great for investors who only like low-risk shares.

Denbury Resources Inc.

An all time high for Denbury Resources stock at $40.32 was reached ten years ago and fell to $5.59. Things are on the upside for Denbury Resources it seems as they had a strong September 2017 and broke a two year bad-spell in May 2018 when it passed $4.80. June saw the stock rise again to $5.56 and in July it is expected to reach between $6 and $8. This seems to be a good penny stock to buy today.

How Are Stock Prices Determined

The worth of a company is often referred to as its market capitalization -“market cap”. The worth of a company is represented by the company share price in relation to the number of shares outstanding.

The stock price of a company is decided on when it goes public and trades on the stock exchange. The initial price is calculated when a bank used valuation techniques to calculate a companies value. When demand for a stock is high, the price will increase. When a company is facing growth issues and investors cannot see a future for it, the stock price will decrease. For example, if a company is worth $200 million it may issue one million shares for $200.

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