Beard Growth Oil – How To Grow A Beard Fast

Have you ever looked at your beard and thought it was too patchy to keep? Well there is now a solution to your facial hair problems. MOA have created the perfect beard growth formula which is proven to grow a full and thick beard in two days.

How It Works

Beard oil works by moisturising the skin underneath the beard and provides it with nourishment which provokes follicle growth. A good beard oil will soak into your facial pores and improve hair elasticity. Some beard oils contain Vitamin E and are good for repairing damaged hair on a cellular level. The stronger your beard is, the faster it grows.

When To Use

There is a misconception that you can only use beard oil on an already established beard. That’s not true, if you have barely any facial hair you can still apply the serum and expect great results. The right beard growth oil not only accelerates beard growth but should moisturise the skin and keep the hair healthy. This nourishes the hair under the skin. If you want faster growth, then apply the beard growth oil throughout the day depending on the climate and environment.

How To Use

Drip the oil into your palm and massage the oil into your skin. For sensitive skin, apply the serum daily using your fingers if you do not have any facial hair already. If you have some facial hair already then you may want to use a comb or short brush. The short brush is recommended because it will also remove dry skin and dead skin cells. This will prevent acne under the beard.

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