Apple iPhone 8 Price, Release Date, Camera and Design

All we know about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8.

With the release of the upcoming iPhone 8 looming, anticipation for the latest smartphone from Apple is at an all-time high. As avid tech fans, we thought is would be wise to compile all the information about the iPhone 8 onto one place, so here’s what we know about the Apple iPhone 8..

Apple are taking great care to ensure the iPhone 8 is at the top of the smartphone leaderboards. With a heap of new features being implemented to separate the iPhone from its competitors. With the developer teams at Apple working overtime, expectations are high. As of now, there is great specculation surrounding the price and release date of the iPhone 8. With design and functions yet to be confirmed by Apple.

Whilst the specculation looks promising, it is still rumours for the moment. Official statements will be releasing from Apple during a Keynote speech. In eight months the iPhone 8 will be hitting stores and pre-orders will be available sooner.

iPhone 8 Features And Spec

iphone 8 design
iPhone 8 Features & Spec

According to reputable sources, the current fingerprint scanner on previous iPhones will be replaced with a full 3D facial recognition system for easy unlocking. The facial recognition is capable of unlocking the phone in a “few hundred milliseconds” according to sources. Apple have opted for a more secure system for unlocking their devices, the current Touch ID recognition is not as secure as 3D recognition. More biometric information can be collected by 3D scanner, allowing for more in-depth scan.

People are certainly questioning the 3D laser facial scanner with privacy issues. This is due to fact that it might store facial biometrics.

JP Morgan investor notes have been leaked recently, containing information that the new phone will come with AirPods. So instead of the classic wired earphones, Apple’s new wireless pods will come instead. This information was released by 9to5mac. Although this would be great for customers, it is quite unlikely due to the price of the earphones being $159. This would cause the price for the phone to increase drastically. Along with EarPod rumours, sources are also hinting that the screen will be edge-to-edge with a 5.85-inch display. More information regarding the screen will be arriving soon.

The Wall Street Journal has also confirmed rumours that Apple will be removing the lightning port. Maybe this is hinting to a new type of port-less design via bluetooth charging and syncing. The report also states that one version of the iPhone 8 will come with a curved OLED screen. The Samsung S7 also boasts a curved OLED screen which fans have seemed to be taking to.

Despite the bluetooth charging being a possibility it is more likely for Apple to opt for the USB-C. If Apple do use the USB-C, this will be the first time an industry standard cable can be used on an iPhone. This means that you can use the same cable for Apple devices as for Android ones.

As iPhone 7 customers are aware, the screen apparent on the phone is an outdated LCD display, with critics reviewing it poorly, Apple are expected to use AMOLED this time round. When releasing the iPhone 7, Apple never looked back when announcing their LCD screen, but will have to upgrade it to compete with other smartphone displays.

If an AMOLED screen is not used, than Apple will most probably implement an OLED screen in its place. Hopefully it will be an upgrade from the LCD screen, for Apple’s sake.

In comparison to the iPhone 7, the new iPhone 8 screen is expected to come in at a whopping 5.8-inches. Of course Apple will be releasing smaller sizes, a 4.7-inch and 5,5-inch screen. Depending on sales of individual sizes it may impact the future of iPhone sizes in years to come.

When it comes to the camera functionality the folks at Cupertino are not taking any chances. Rumour sites are saying that a dual-lens camera will be fitted. Although, this is still unknown.

Processing speed will be at astonishing high levels thanks to a new A11 processor. If true, the iPhone 8 will be the fastest smartphone by miles. Smashing all competition and revolutionising smartphone processors in general.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 took pride with its water proofing capabilities. But it seems like Apple is coming for the title, because you can submerge the iPhone 8 for 30 minutes without damage.

iPhone 8 Release Date

iphone 8 release date
iPhone 8 Release Date

September is historical for the releasing of new Apple products, although that date is expected to be pushed back this year. Due to technical issues relating to the OLED screen, Apple will probably be releasing the phone in October.

Each and every iPhone to date (excluding the SE) has been revealed in September. So expect the Keynote speech to take place around the same time as last years.

Baring in mind, Apple have not said if the next release will even be the iPhone 8.. it could just be a newer version of the iPhone 7. However, the poor sales report for the iPhone 7 may ensure Apple does release the iPhone 8. Fans are hoping the iPhone 7’s title will be retired this September with no further iterations.

iPhone 8 Design

Courtesy of Onleaks we get to see an in-depth look into the design of the iPhone 8. The glass is as stated above 5.8-inches with OLED display. An elongated Home button is present with no Touch ID. The video shows the phone measured and compared against previous models.

The design looks like the needed step up from the iPhone 7 with some huge upgrades to boast. Apple designers have been taking heat in the last few months for recycling their designs from the past 3 models.

Of course the design speculations are flooding through, with an all-glass body being hinted at. Despite the smashing concerns with an all-glass phone, Gorilla Glass can withstand most drops and smashes. Cases to coincide with the phones release are a probability, like these ones here.

iPhone 8 Price

iphone 8 price
iPhone 8 Price

Previous reports stated that the iPhone 8 would be retailing for well over $1000 USD, Forbes have now divulged that its price tag will starting at $850 USD. Apple decided to rethink their pricing point after Samsung gave  information about a 5.8-inch phone.

The iPhone 7 price is at $649 with the iPhone 7 Plus at  $769. Their price will be decreasing after the iPhone 8 releases. After the sales decreasing for the newer iPhones, Apple will most likely be keeping the price relatively similar to the current range of iPhones.

As usual, the more RAM you purchase the higher the price of the phone will be. 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB units are also expected. When the official prices of the Apple iPhone 8 are available we will update readers.

iPhone 8 Camera

iphone 8
iPhone 8 Camera

Sources are still unsure about the spec of the camera with assumptions being next to impossible. Dual cameras are expected to be fitted on the higher-priced iPhone 8’s. So this means if you are not buying the Plus then it will come with a standard camera.

An 14MP sensor is expected with the rear-facing camera being fitted into the display.

When more information regarding the camera comes available check back with us for more news.

When more information comes available, check back with us. Also take a look at the unreleased iPhone models.