5 Countries with the Most Affordable Healthcare in the World


The absurdity of cost of healthcare with US is a well-known issue. With a projected increase of approximately 5%, the cost of healthcare will only be going further up. An average individual’s health insurance premium is nearly $350, and a family’s average comes out to be approximately $900. It might be worthwhile to have a look at countries with more affordable healthcare across the world.

Some European countries such as Germany and the Scandinavian countries come to mind while talking about the countries in the world with best universal healthcare, however they are not necessarily the most affordable since they do require hefty contributions in terms of taxes and salary cuts.

Which Countries Have The Most Affordable Healthcare?

The countries with a lower cost of living have the most affordable healthcare. Despite a lower cost of living, these countries offer world-class healthcare. Millions of people go to these countries to seek affordable healthcare with quality comparable to that of US and Canada. This article lists 5 such countries where healthcare is most affordable.


Singapore made a name for itself when medical tourism was on the rise. It has one of the best healthcare in the world with a very clean and first-world like surrounding. Medical procedures in Singapore cost as much as 75% less than US with a single consultation costing as low as S$12.


Mexico has a healthcare system which is highly regarded across the world. A lot of the doctors, dentists, and nurses in Mexico receive a part of their training in US. The prescription drugs in Mexico cost about half for the same drugs in US, and consultation charges merely a third.

Costa Rica

The country is said to have the best healthcare system in Latin America. Expats can access the private as well as the government-run healthcare systems. Costs for even house calls rarely exceed $60, tests like ultrasounds are $75 at most, and majority of the procedures are a third to a fifth of what they would cost in US.


Brazilian constitution guarantees healthcare to anyone who is within the country legally. If someone cannot afford to pay for their healthcare, the government’s free public healthcare system will pay for it. An expat’s medical insurance premium is nearly $125, which can go even lower under certain circumstances.


Colombia is a country which is aware of its importance in medical tourism. The hospitals are plush with the focus to provide affordable healthcare to expats as well as local residents. Medical tourists have reported costs as low as $25 for dental treatment. The country believes in providing healthcare for everyone who is in the country, and is very successful at doing that.

Affordable Healthcare
Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare is a serious issue and sometimes one needs to be aware of the alternatives, if something adverse happen. There are countries in the world who are proud of their medical tourism industry and welcome people seeking treatment. However, one should always do proper research about the country, the hospital, and the doctors they are visiting to minimize the risks and have a proper treatment.

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