Travis Scott Announces Astroworld Is Coming In 2017

Travis Scott AstroworldSince Travis Scott’s fan-base is growing more and more there is no wonder why he keeps dropping projects more frequently. La Flame fans will be delighted with the latest news from Travis Scott that his upcoming album “Astroworld” will be dropping 2017. Fans believe that the project will come late 2017 and as accustom with Travis drops, a push-back will be put into place.

Travis Scott Astroworld Album

Here is what one Travis fan said about ‘Astroworld’: “I hope he goes back to the more atmospheric, harder hitting, dark, fast tempo music that he did on Days Before Rodeo. That’s the only Travis project I can really sit through and enjoy. Travis, for me, is pretty good at making really atmospheric, dark, party music, but Rodeo just seemed like a student trying to lengthen an essay I guess? Like there were good parts in it but then he overdid it on every song and it ended up being kind of boring and unnecessary.”

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