Donald Glover Wins Golden Globe For Best Series (Thanking Migos)

Rapper and actor Donald Glover won a golden globe last night for his ‘Atlanta’ TV show for “Best Series, Comedy Or Musical”. Whilst saying his expectant speech Gambino stated that Migos are the “the Beatles of this generation”. Continuing to thank the shows producer Dianne McGunigle and his brother (writer) Stephen Glover and the director Hiro Murai.

Here is what Glover said:

I just really want to thank Atlanta and all the black folks in Atlanta. For real. Just for being alive and doing amazing [things] and being amazing people. I couldn’t be here without Atlanta. And I really want to thank the Migos—not for being in the show—but for making ‘Bad and Boujee.’ Like that’s the best song ever.

Watch the speech above.